Feb 5

Consignment Sales in Northern Virginia & Garage Sales for Kids Clothes

Okay, I admit it, I’m a frugal mom! I love consignment sales for buying my kid’s clothing. Have you noticed how fast our babies and toddlers grow out of their clothes and need the next size up? Have you also noticed how kids seem to spit up or get everything messy so quickly? If I were to buy all brand new clothes for my kid I would be spending a pretty penny. Instead, I’ve become a consignment sale shopper! I buy clothes that other parents consign. They gather together their gently-used, in-good-condition kids clothes that their children have outgrown, and they sell them at a consignment sale. Sometimes, I have even found items that are new with tags on. Many of these sales are held at schools, community centers or churches on the weekends, particularly in fall and spring. Here’s a great website with a fairly complete listing of local Northern Virginia/DC Metro kids’ consignment sales:

And a calendar of those coming up in the Springtime: Our Kids Listing of Spring Consignment Sales
And In the Fall: Our Kids Listing of Fall Consignment Sales

Garage sales can also be a good place to find used children clothing at extremely reasonable prices. Sometimes my parents go garage sale shopping and get some great deals for our little guy. Sometimes people give away things for free (or nearly free) near the end of their yard sale if they haven’t had any takers. Community yard sales are a good bet for children clothes as well as grandparents and parents selling things that their kids have out-grown. Last year at the end of a yard sale, a lady gave me a free box of toddler boys’ shoes and a free high end toddler car seat. I was thrilled because those are things that I could make good use of! I haven’t found a great online tool listing upcoming garage sales in our area, but from what I’ve heard Craig’s List has a pretty good listing of garage sales in the Northern VA area, and you can search the listings for key words like “children clothes”, “baby” etc.

If you know of any other good websites, listing, or on-line tools regarding consignment sales or garage sales, please post a comment and let your other frugal friends know about it!  Thanks for reading!