Feb 9

Great Frugal and Money Saving Websites

I have always enjoyed finding a good (or free) deal and love to share it with others.  About two years ago I found out about RiteAid’s Single Check Rebates, and have enjoyed taking advantage of this so much!  I did a previous post on how they often have “free-bates” in the stores, I have stocked up on so much shampoo/conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brushes and other cosmetics, medicines and toiletries from RiteAid.

What I just found out this weekend from a lot of on-line searching, is that there are some great resources on the web listing out different buying scenarios with coupons and rebates and how to sometimes not just buy items for free (after rebate) but get an overage.  I am new to this whole “couponing” strategy (I used to see a 50 cent coupon in a magazine, and I thought, why bother? But apparently with the right coupons and proper strategy, you can cut your grocery bill down by 1/3 to 1/2 what you are currently spending.  Amazing, don’t you think?).  Here is a great blog post by Jenny of Southern Savers on what is involved with “Extreme Couponing 101“.

Here are a few of these great websites that I am so excited about:
Southern Savers
Main page: http://southernsavers.com/

Addicted to Coupons

Money Saving Mom

The Thrifty Mama

Frugal in Virginia

Keeper of the Home

Let me know what you think of these websites and if you know of any other similar ones that you like, please post a comment with that information.  Thanks!

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