Oct 30

Free Chipotle Burrito on Halloween When You Dress Up As A Burrito

I noticed a sign at my local Chipotle that read if you come into Chipotle after 6 PM this Halloween, Sat. 10/31 dressed up as either a Chipotle burrito, taco, salad or burrito bowl you will get a FREE BURRITO!  I had read online in previous years that various locations around the country participated in this, but wasn’t sure if it was every single store, or just some, because the Chipotle website never advertised it and my local store never had a sign.  Well now I know, at least the Chipotle off of Sudley Road in Manassas is participating.  I suggest calling your local store to confirm they are participating too.

If you have extra aluminum foil on hand, try out making a costume like this, or this, or just wrapping yourself in aluminum foil like this, and heading over for free dinner before trick-or-treating starts!