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Kohl's $5 In-Store Coupon when you sign up for their e-mail list and other deals

Today is my cousin’s wedding, so I am out-of-town celebrating with family.  Earlier this week I realized that I still needed to buy a wedding present… yep, last minute!  I know etiquette-wise I have up to a year to send a gift, but I had wanted to save on shipping costs and bring it with me to the wedding since it’s an 11-hour drive.

She has a registry at Kohl’s and Target, so I first checked RetailMeNot.com to see if there were any great in-store coupons available.  No luck.

However, I did find out from visiting Kohl’s website that if you sign up for their email list for sales alerts you are promised to receive (within 10 days of signing up) a $5 coupon for a future in-store purchase (not sure if there is a purchase minimum), and a 10% off coupon for a future online purchase.  I signed up 7 days ago, and still haven’t received my coupon yet :(

Even though I didn’t get to use a coupon, I decided to go into Kohl’s and see if there were any good sales on items on her registry, and there were!  As a matter of fact, one item was B1G1 Free.  I had to have a store associate help me find the item, and when I did she let me know of the B1G1 sale that was going on for that.  I was happy about the sale, but told her that I really only wanted to buy one, since I only needed one and only one was requested on the registry (not to mention the fact that it was in my maximum price range).  The store associate told me that it was okay, I could just take the one item up to the front and ask the cashier if I could get 50% off because I only needed one, not two.  Really?  I was so happy to hear that, so I took it up to the front and said that the store associate who helped me find this item said I could request 50% instead of buying two at B1G1 Free, and after calling her manager over they approved it!  I have never had that experience at a department store before (but self-admittedly do not shop in department stores all that often these days) where they let you do that, so this was exciting for me.  I have a feeling this may vary depending on your cashier and manager, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Does anyone else know of any great Kohl’s coupons or offers?  I don’t shop at Kohl’s that often, but my mom and a few friends rave about their 15-30% coupons (mailed to you) matched with sales.  I look forward to shopping there again once I get my $5 off coupon!

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marilyn October 9, 2009 at 10:41 am
gold March 12, 2010 at 7:32 pm

Interessant. Kommt hier noch ein weiterer Beitrag? Möchte sehr gern einiges mehr darüber hören. Kannst du mir per E-Mail eine Antwort geben?


frugalfriends March 13, 2010 at 9:50 am

Ganz interessant dass du etwas auf Deutsch geschrieben hast! Ich spreche auch Deutsch… na ja, lange Zeit habe ich kein Deutsch gesprochen oder geuebt.
Alles gutes “Gold”!


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