Oct 19

Local Area Bloggers Who Report Weekly Grocery Store Deals

You may have noticed that I took a little break from blogging last week… partially due to having too many things going on, having “writer’s block” and part disorganization on my part!

I really admire all the local Northern VA/DC area deal bloggers that are consistent in bringing the posts and weekly grocery store deals to the blog-o-sphere.  If you’re reading my blog, you probably already know about these other lovely frugal bloggers, but I wanted to take a minute to share their information here and the stores that they do write-ups on.  I have yet to “settle” on posting one particular store deal each week, since I just jumped into “couponing” within the past year and am still trying to figure out the best way to organize and keep track of my coupons.  But am considering tackling one of the stores that is not currently covered by other local bloggers (at least that I know of), like Bloom?  I shop at a bunch of different stores during the week, but I have to admit, Aldi and Shoppers are probably my most regular stops during the week (whether due to familiarity or convenience).

Here are the local area frugal bloggers and the grocery store deals they post about each week:

Does anyone else here in the Nova/DC area report consistent weekly grocery store deals?

BeCentsable Grocery Gathering has a list of bloggers that post weekly grocery store deals, which is another great resource.

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