Dec 31

My Musings On The End Of Another Year

I hope you all have had a great 2009 and are looking forward to another exciting year in 2010.
I wanted to share a little bit about this past year for my family and for this blog!

A little about my blog: Back in January 2009 I started up this blog as a place to share some of my thrifty finds, deals, and attempts at frugal living in the Northern Virginia area. I naively thought that there was a lack of folks blogging about this in the DC Metropolitan area, but after a few months of delving more into the “frugal blogosphere” I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are a handful of frugal bloggers who live in NOVA, some of which blog about local deals and some which blog about national deals. I have more recently aimed to keep my blog updated almost every weekday on deals that I’ve found that others in NOVA or DC can take advantage of. However, I’m just a normal gal with many family obligations and other obligations, so I don’t claim to be the end-all authority on any deal in NOVA…. I’m just an average money-saving mom who wanted to share her findings with others. This blog has been strictly a hobby for the past year; I have made no money, had no advertisements or endorsements from companies, and I haven’t been brainy enough to figure out if I want to make my blog into something more than what it currently is: a fun hobby that let’s me be creative and take part in a social network of deal-seekers on the web. It could change in the future, but for right now I’m happy with keeping it as just a hobby.

A little about me and my family: I’m just a normal 20-something (with 30-something fast approaching!) gal trying to live on a budget in the suburbs of our nation’s Capital. I know firsthand how tough it is to live on less in a major metropolitan area and particularly on only one income! My husband is self-employed, and I stay at home raising our son. I work part-time for my husband’s company without compensation, to help him tackle the  accounting so he can run his business and focus on everything else. He is the hardest worker that I know! I also know firsthand how many small businesses are going through tough times in this economy. I have the added pressure of not just keeping track of our personal finances, but also overseeing my husband’s business books! When things look bleak (on both the business and personal sides), I’ve found that you have to remain positive and be proactive in finding ways to bring in additional income and cut costs. For me, making lists, actually writing down my goals and particularly my accomplishments, makes me feel so much more positive about the direction we’re heading and what we’ve overcome. Also, leaning on God through life’s trials and tribulations is perhaps the best piece of advice I can give to others.

In this season of life, I find myself counting every nickle and dime, striving to pay down debts and save toward our goals. If you find yourself struggling to get by, be encouraged that you’re not the only one and that there are a ton of resources out there to help and encourage you! If you’re looking for a good starting point, check out Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover from your local library. That’s how my husband and I got started on our money-saving journey!

Thanks again for joining me as I have chronicled my findings, great deals and musings on this blog during 2009! I’m looking forward to sharing more great deals and money-saving tips in the upcoming year!

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Holly January 1, 2010 at 10:38 pm

Congrats Laura! 2010 is going to be great!


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