Oct 5

October 2010 – Transferring Prescription Offers in DC Metro

Do you have a prescription that needs to be filled this month? If you don’t care where you pick it up, you can transfer frequently and take advantage of different drug store and grocery store deals (and actually earn some great *free* gift cards for pharmacy purchases).

No one in my household currently has prescribed medications, but my sister recently asked me if I knew of any great coupons or deals out there for transferring prescriptions. Here are some of my finds on the best prescription transfer offers that are currently out there in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC metropolitan area.

Rite Aid: In the 9/26/10 Rite Aid circular (from last week) there were two coupons for a $25 gift card when you transfer a prescription (limit 1 per coupon). So you can transfer up to 2 prescriptions and get a $25 gift card for each. That is $50 in gift cards total! Expires 10/9/10. Offer only valid when prescription is filled and paid for at time of transfer. Transfer offer only valid on any prescription not previously filled at our transferred from other Rite Aid locations.

Kmart: Printable Coupon for a Kmart gift card up to $20 in value when you transfer your prescription to Kmart pharmacy. Expires 10/31/10. Please note certain restrictions apply such as: The amount paid for the prescription (co-pay plus amount reimbursed by insurance or, if no insurance, the retail price) must exceed the value of the gift card offer to qualify for the full value of the offer. Gift card amount shall equal the amount paid for the prescription (co-pay plus amount reimbursed by insurance, or if no insurance, the retail price) up to a maximum of $20.

Walgreens: If you live near a newly opened Walgreens (it seem like a ton of them have been popping up in Northern VA), ask at the pharmacy desk if they have a $25 check or gift card offer when you transfer over a prescription.

CVS: According to my local CVS pharmacist, they accept competitor coupons for these offers. Please be sure to call ahead to your local CVS to confirm.

Giant Food: According to my local pharmacist told me that they accept competitor’s coupons. Please be sure to call ahead to your local Giant to confirm.

Harris Teeter: My local pharmacist said that they accept competitor coupons. Please call your local Harris Teeter to confirm. Also the 200th Harris Teeter store is now open (as of Oct. 6, 2010) in the Hastings Marketplace shopping center at 10060 Market Circle, Manassas, VA 20110. They have a great offer at this store only: $20 off a future grocery purchase, for new prescription/transfers at this specific HT pharmacy. Ask their pharmacy for the “Pharmacy Free Groceries Punch Card”. Through Jan. 31, 2011, for every new/transferred prescription and subsequent refills, your VIC household will be targeted with one $20 electronic coupon to be used on your next transaction of $20 or more. You can receive the $20 electronic coupon up to ten times (for a total of $200 off!). The $20 coupons will expire Feb. 7, 2011. See store for more details.

If you know of any other prescription or prescription transfer offers currently going on in the Washington, DC Metro area please post a comment and let me know!

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Varguru October 5, 2010 at 8:49 am

Yeah, I’ve inquired to the Harris Teeter in Manassas store, and they do have a $20 grocery coupon for new or transferred prescription, Thanks a lot for posting this information, by the way this store is going to open tomorrow.


frugalfriends October 5, 2010 at 9:05 am

Thanks Varguru for letting me know that you inquired with management there and that they are doing the same transfer prescription deal at the new store. Great to hear that!


John C. Riester Jr. November 24, 2010 at 9:00 pm

I was wondering what happened, I don’t see any updates since the end of September. Rite Aid quit doing there program for now.


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