Dec 13

Haagen-Dazs Free Scoop Trivia in December!

I’m sad that I’m just finding out about this now! Select Haagen Dazs stores in the DC metro area are offering followers on Twitter and Facebook daily trivia questions to get free scoops of featured flavors up until Christmas Eve. Each day until Dec. 24th they will post a trivia question on one of their flavors. If you go to your local Haagen-Dazs store and name the correct flavor you get a free scoop of that special flavor, limit one per person, per day.

@haagendazspcity 24 days til Santa comes, 24 flavors of ice cream to countdown til his favorite is revealed. Guess the flavor and it’s yours for free!

Today, Mon. Dec. 13th the trivia question is: “This classic combines our two most popular flavors. One as a base, the other as a chip. Name it for a free scoop!” Hmm… I’m going to guess the flavor is either Vanilla Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chocolate Chip? You can check out their flavors by going to their website and using the “Flavor Finder” drop-down box at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Confirmed participating stores include: Pentagon City Mall location in Arlington, VA, Georgetown location in DC, Chinatown location in DC, Union Station location in DC, and the store in downtown Bethesda, MD (although they have been closed down due to weather, so call beforehand).

I don’t know about you, but I can eat ice cream no matter how cold it is outside! Enjoy your free scoops!

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