Mar 18

Giant Deals As New Weekly Feature!

Thanks to everyone who filled out my poll a few weeks ago on what grocery store deals you’d like to see covered. Giant won by a landslide, and I’m happy to announce I’m going to attempt to deliver you the best Giant deals each Friday!

To give you an idea of how far back Giant and I go, growing up here in Northern Virginia, Giant was my family’s preferred grocery store and I remember joining my mom for many grocery shopping trips during my childhood.

Some memories from shopping there as a kid:

  • Collecting the long grocery store receipts to turn in for the A+ program to help local schools get computers. Yea Crestwood owls!
  • Loving their big yellow smiley face cookies in the bakery section and always begging my mom to buy me one.
  • Being fascinated by their lobster tank in the seafood section.
  • The tune of their old marketing jingle “That’s my Giant”
  • My younger sister flipping herself out of the front grocery cart seat, miraculously without a scrape! (ah, remember the days before they put safety belts on the grocery cart children’s seat?)

In case you didn’t get a chance to read an old post of mine from almost two years ago… My 8th Grade Budget Project – for a good laugh, and to see some cut-outs from Giant’s circular back in 1995, read it, please!

I’m looking forward to sharing the best Giant deals as a new weekly feature and wanted to thank all you readers for your input and encouragement to add this store’s deals. I hope to post this week’s deals by this evening.

Do you have any fond memories from your years of shopping at Giant, either far in the past or recent?

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KateO March 20, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Yay! So glad to hear this. It’s always hard to find Giant match-ups… especially with so many different chains of Giant!


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