Nov 25

Highlights from Todays Washington Post Coupons 11/25/12

Here’s what to expect from today’s Washington Post (Sunday, November 25th, 2012 edition):
There is 1 coupon insert today: 1 P&G BrandSaver

From the P&G BrandSaver:

  • Over $105-worth of Procter & Gamble brand coupons. All expire 12/31/12.

For those of you that got today’s Sunday Post: Any of your favorite coupons worth mentioning? Leave a comment and let me know about it! If you’re missing one of the inserts listed above, check out my post for information on what to do if your Sunday Washington Post delivery is incomplete or damaged. You can always call (try to do this as soon as possible, before 11:00 am on Sunday) the customer service department for your newspaper to explain what you are missing and request re-delivery of the missing portion.

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