Dec 18

DC Tweeps 2012

I’m so excited to share that I’ve been nominated as one of the top five DC Tweeps for 2012 in the local blogger category by the Washington Post, and I’m asking for your vote!

What is #DCTweeps?

It’s an annual contest facilitated by the Washington Post to select DC’s favorite local Twitter users. DC afterall is the top “Twitter Town” according to a 2011 study featured in USA Today. So why not have a fun contest to choose the top Tweeps, ie. people using Twitter?

I’ve been nominated as one of the top Tweeps in in the “local blogger” category.

Please vote for me, Laura Harders (@BeltwayBargain), by going to the DC Tweeps page and scrolling down to the 2nd category “Local Blogger,” selecting “Laura Harders (@BeltwayBargain) and then clicking “submit”.

Here’s why I think I should be a DCTweep:

  • I love Twitter! I’ve been a part of the DC Twitter community for almost 3 years now. I joined back on February 13, 2010, and although I briefly felt the initial pangs of “what do I tweet about?” and it “feels like I’m shouting out in a big room and no one hears me”, it quickly turned into a platform to connect wither other social media fanatics, DC locals, moms, bloggers and deal-seekers. I prefer Twitter over Facebook or any other social media platform. It rocks! I use Twitter to share local deals, such as discounted or free food at restaurants, as well as connect with other DC Tweeps and bloggers. I also host occasional Twitter parties with Savings Nation. And if I ever need to know something instantly, I turn to Twitter. Like when the DC earthquake happened back in August 2011: I tweeted right away to ask what the loud shaking was, and got replies within seconds confirming it was a quake.
  • I engage with folks on Twitter! Yep, I’m not one of those bloggers who has all the auto-tweets set up or who completely ignores their Twitter account and decides to have every Facebook post tweet to Facebook. That actually really annoys me! If someone tweets me, I try to respond, particularly if it’s about something I blog about (local deals, coupons, etc.)
  • I’ve started thinking in Hashtags! Silly to admit, but when you’re a frequent twitter user you start adding hashtags to the end of thoughts or even to other social media platforms #iknowimstrange :)
  • I ranked in the top 30 “Twitterholics based on Followers in Northern Virginia, DC, MD”
  • I’m kind of feeling like the Under Dog! Although I don’t have the least amount of Twitter followers of all the DCTweeps nominees, I definitely do feel like an under dog in this competition, as I’m up against some big blogs which from what I can tell are run by a team of folks. It’s just me running my blog and tweeting here at @BeltwayBargain. This is also the first year (to my knowledge) that the local blogger category has included a “mom blogger” or “frugal blogger” in the top 5. I am beyond thrilled that I get to represent DC area moms (who also happen to blog) in this contest. I personally think there are TONS of awesome mom bloggers here in the DC metro region, so the Washington Post really needs to add a new category next year for “Family Fun” or maybe just plain old “Mom Blogger.”

Thank you to all of you who nominated me and I’m so excited to have made the top 5 and would love your vote! If we haven’t connected on Twitter, please follow and tweet me @BeltwayBargain #thankyou #DCTweeps

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Sara Leanne December 18, 2012 at 11:18 pm

I voted. Good luck!


Laura December 19, 2012 at 12:52 am

Thanks so much Sara! I really appreciate your vote!


Leila December 19, 2012 at 9:56 am

Congratulations!! I’m new to your blog.. and I’m lovin it so far… on my way to vote!!


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