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RiteAid Single Check Rebates

RiteAid Single Check Rebates are a great way to save money on household products and drug store items.

Here’s how it works. Click here to read RiteAid’s Frequently asked questions: How does the Single Checks Rebate program work?
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Why am I such a big fan of the RiteAid Single Check Rebate (SCR) program? I love it when RiteAid offers items that are “FreeBates” ie. free after rebate. RiteAid will have a sale and match a manufacturer’s coupon.  Click here to view their current “free-bates” offered at this time.  You can also find these in your weekly circular (mailed out and in baskets near the front entrance of the stores).
I have stocked up on tooth paste, tooth brushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and other items using the single check rebate (and often “free-bate”) program through RiteAid.  If you haven’t taken advantage of this program, you really should!
This upcoming week (starting Sunday, 1/25/09)  they are offering the Garnier Fructis Body & Volume Shampoo or Conditioner, 13 oz. on sale for $2.99, with a single check rebate of $2.99 (limit 1 rebate per customer).  That makes it “free after rebate.”  In the end, after you receive your rebate check via mail, you end up paying only tax on the item.

RiteAid’s Single Check Rebates program is so easy… no UPC labels or receipts to mail in, you can do it all conveniently from your computer (but you must keep your receipt, as they prompt you for the date of the transaction, register number, store number, etc.).  At the end of the month or rebate period, you simply go online and choose to have all your rebates added up into one single check and mailed out to you.

As a warning though, there are many people aware of this program, so I find that the RiteAid stores will sell out of these items on the first or second day of the week (their weekly sales begin on Sundays and run through Saturday).  They do not stock up a large inventory for these rebate items.  The early bird gets the early worm, so I suggest going on Sunday to snag your “free” items.  Also, be very careful that you match the exact product name, weight, count, etc. with what RiteAid advertises as the rebate item in their weekly circular.  I have made the mistake of buying the exact same product in 12-count instead of 18-count, or 12-oz. bottle instead of 10-oz. bottle, and your item will not qualify for rebate unless it matches exactly to their offer.

So get your shopping cart rolling down the aisles of RiteAid to find these deals and stock up on drug store items when the rebate offers are too good to pass up!

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