Aug 24

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Again?! Just Following A Triple Coupon Promo Earlier This Month!

The Harris Teeter Super Doubles promotion for manufacturer coupons up to $1.98 is reportedly coming back again this month starting Wednesday, 8/26/2009!  That means that $1 manufacturer coupons will be doubled to $2, $1.50 manufacturer coupons will be doubled to $3, and $1.75 manufacturer coupons will be doubled to $3.50 off! **I just called my local Harris Teeter in Bristow, VA (in Northern Virginia) and I was told on the phone by a customer service rep. that they are not sure if the promo is starting this Wednesday 8/26 or the following Wednesday 9/2 but that they will know on Wed. morning. My guess is that it will be this week and not run during Labor Day Weekend.**

Jenny from Southern Savers and the HT forum at Hot Coupon World confirmed that this promotion is happening starting this Wed. 8/26/09, although I have not seen it confirmed that it is at all Harris Teeter locations.

This is great (and unexpected) news since Harris Teeter just had a Triples Coupon event two weeks ago, which I thought was in lieu of Super Doubles this month.  Woo hoo for HT’s Super Coupon promotions!