Feb 23

Who To Contact When You Get Incomplete or Damaged Coupon Inserts (Washington Post)

Hey coupon-ers in the DC metro area: If you have a subscription to the Washington Post Sunday edition, I wanted to let you know what to do in case you receive a damaged or incomplete paper.

Nobody’s perfect (even as much as I wish my newspaper delivery person was), and in case your coupon insert(s) are missing (like mine were two days ago), you should report it and see if you can still get the coupons delivered (they owe it to you!). Here’s what to do:

  • You can report incomplete or damaged paper deliveries to the Washington Post by calling (202-334-6100 or 800-477-4679), e-mailing, or creating an online account and reporting it online.
  • Report the missing/damaged coupons or paper as soon as possible! Cecil, the customer service rep. with whom I  spoke on the phone yesterday said to try and call by 11:00 am on Sunday to insure the coupons can be re-delivered. If you call the next day or later in the week, you are not guaranteed to get your coupons, although they will try.

A question you might have is how do you know if you are missing coupon inserts from your Sunday newspaper? I keep up with posts on Sunday Coupon Preview and other frugal bloggers to make sure I’m not missing anything from my home delivered papers. I got my Red Plum insert and P&G insert two days ago, but was missing my Smart Source. I checked the Sunday Coupon Preview blog and noticed that there was a Smart Source issued for 2/21/2010, so I knew I needed to call the Post to report it.

Anyone else have helpful tips on how to deal with incomplete or damaged coupon inserts?
Has anyone ever bought at the newsstand and realized later that there were coupons missing? Would love to hear from you about it.