Apr 25

New Aldi Deals Starting Up Wednesdays Instead of Sundays in Northern VA Area

Today I heard from an employee at my local N. VA Aldi grocery store that the Northern Virginia area is switching from deals starting on Sundays to Wednesdays. My new in-store flyer has a start date of Wed. April 28th, while in the past they have always stated that Sunday is the start date for their new weekly deals.

The map below shows that Northern Virginia (in dark blue) follows a start date of Sunday for new weekly deals, but apparently this is changing. Has anyone else heard any information about a change in the weekly start dates for their deals? Maybe they’re trying to switch everyone to the same start date? Or maybe just switch everyone in the same state to the same start date (notice how the majority of Virginia previously started new deals on Wednesday)?

I still plan to post my weekly deals on Sunday/Monday, but just wanted to give you a heads up that at least the Northern Virginia & Washington DC Metropolitan area appears to be moving to a new weekly deal start date of Wednesday.