Aug 28

Magruders Grocery Store Offers Freezers to Those Without Power

Hurricane Irene has made her way north, and right now there are many DC-area residents without power. If you happen to be without power and are trying to figure out what to do with your freezer food, I thought I’d pass along the following email I received from Magruders Grocery Stores, today:

Magruder’s Storm Update Sunday August 28th 2011 (E-mail sent at 10:19 AM)

Dear Magruder’s Customers,

The Magruder’s Family of stores hopes that you and your family is safe and would like to let you know that all of our stores are open to serve you today. Also we would like to offer you the use of our stores freezers to store your Frozen Food products until power is restored to your home. Contact any of our stores for more information.

Thank you,

The Magruder’s Advertising Department

So if you’re without power or know someone who is, please pass this info along, and I’d suggest they call their local Magruders store before heading out there. What a great way for them to help out in the community!

Thankfully, where I live we did not lose power and didn’t sustain any damage from the storms. How about where you live?

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