Aug 5

Giant Coupon & Store Policy

New to shopping at Giant Food stores in DC, DE, MD or VA? Here are some shopping tips and their coupon policy to help you in your shopping!

  • Sign-up for a Giant Card. This is the member card you’ll need to have in order to get access to sales prices, Weekly Card specials and other store promotions. You can sign-up in-store at your customer service desk or apply online.
  • Sign-up for a free online account to get access to exclusive e-Coupons. To sign up, click here. These offers can be automatically loaded to your Giant Card. No clipping necessary! From your account page, you’ll also be able to track your gas point totals, year-to-date savings and PeaPod order history.
  • Price Accuracy. Giant is committed to 100% price accuracy and guarantees that all items will scan accurately. If any item scans higher than the price marked, advertised, unit tagged or signed, the customer will receive the item at the lower price. Items prohibited by law and obvious or gross errors, defined as items priced at less than half of the actual selling price, are not included.
  • Doubles Manufacturer Coupons up to $0.99 in face value everyday, with a limit of 4 identical coupons doubled in one transaction. Giant limits 16 identical manufacturers’ coupons used in one transaction. The first 4 would be doubled, the next 12 would be redeemed at face value.
  • Accepts Competitor Coupons. Provided the customer has met the purchase requirements as stated on the face of the coupon.
  • Accepts Internet Coupons. Unless they are notified of fraudulent activity involving specific Internet coupons.
  • Allows certain types of “Stacking”. You can use a non-product specific store Checkout Coupons with another manufacturers’ coupon on 1 single item. For example: a customer may use both a coupon for “50¢ off any Produce item” and a manufacturers’ coupon (such as Driscoll’s 50¢ off any berries coupon) on the same one item. Please note, Giant does not allow Product specific Checkout Coupons (Catalinas for specific brand name products) to be combined with any other manufacturers’ coupons for the same item. Most of the time you will note that these Checkout Coupons have the Giant store logo on them, but also have “manufacturer coupon” printed at the top, next to the expiration date. Giant views this as a manufacturer coupon, and they do not allow you to use more than 1 manufacturer coupon on 1 single item.
  • Occasional “Dollar Doubler” promotions. In 2010 they had this about 6 times. So far in 2011 (as of August) I’ve only seen them do it three times. These store coupons will be printed in the sales circular (only in the mailed-out version or those found in the newspaper), and need to be cut out and redeemed in-store along with a $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon. There are typically limits and stipulations, such as a $15 minimum purchase, and limit of 3 or 4 $1.00 manufacturer coupons doubled in one transaction. Restrictions will be listed in fine print on the Dollar Doubler coupons.
  • Gasoline Rewards. Starting back in mid-May 2010 Giant created a Gas rewards program so that you can save at any Giant gas station or participating Shell fuel locations. For every dollar you spend at Giant, you earn a point on your card. Plus there are special products each week that will earn you extra gas points (check your circular or look for special tags with the Gas Rewards symbol in-store). Earn 100 points, save 10¢/gallon on gas – up to $2.20/gallon in a single fill up.
  • Save 5¢ Per Reusable Bag. Get five cents off your total shopping bill for each shopping bag you bring from home for packing up your groceries – whether it’s a paper, plastic or a reusable bag.

To read the official Giant coupon policy, click here to visit their website and look at the sub-heading “coupons”

Last updated: August 2012